Actevate Training - How to Check the GM Dashboard

Ensure you have an Actevate Admin account on the eHealthier Analytics site.

  1. Login to eHealthier Analytics Site: Visit eHealthier Analytics and log in using your Actevate Admin account.

    Video Demo

  2. Access the GM Dashboard: After logging in, navigate to the GM dashboard to view relevant charts.

    Video Demo

  3. GM Dashboard with Updates: In the GM dashboard, you can observe the following updates:


  1. Total contracted clients:
    Once a booking is created (PHA/EAP), the chart and table are updated as shown below. Please note the before and after stats presented in the screenshots below:

  2. Questionnaires:
    The chart includes the following:

  • Sent Out: Displays the number of PHA questionnaires that have been assigned to clients.
  • Completed: Shows the number of completed PHA questionnaires (by clients).
  • Expired: Indicates the number of PHA questionnaires that clients failed to complete before the due date.
    Screen Shot 2023-09-05 at 6.12.03 pm
  1. Billing’s panels:
    The Billing panels will be updated once an invoice has been created for a client in Cliniko. The screenshot below illustrates the before and after stats for each panel.