Heart Health at Work

World Heart Day is an opportunity to talk about the risks of heart disease. Awareness and education can reduce the risk of heart disease and save lives.

It is important to take the time to better understand our heart health, how to reduce the risk, and what we can do to help others. Employers need to consider that heart disease is a potential danger for many members of their team, as well as the actions they may take to maintain a healthy work environment.

What is Heart Disease?

Heart disease is an umbrella term that covers conditions that can be caused by a various factors. Heart disease is defined as any disorder that affects the structure or function of the heart.

Some of these conditions are:

  • Angina
  • Arrhythmia
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Heart attack
  • Heart failure
  • Hypertension
  • Valve disease

Heart Health Risks

  • Blood Pressure
    High blood pressure is one of the main risk factors for developing heart disease and should be tested regularly. A blood pressure value of 120/80mmHg is considered ideal. Ageing can affect a person’s blood pressure, older employees should get their blood pressure tested more frequently. A healthy diet and regular exercise help to maintain blood pressure.

  • Cholesterol
    Cholesterol imbalance is a risk factor for heart disease.

  • Weight
    Obesity is harmful to health and comes with a higher risk of diabetes and heart disease. The most effective strategies to manage your weight are to eat a well-balanced diet and exercise regularly.
    A healthy diet promotes normal blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight, reducing your risk of heart disease.

  • Diabetes
    Diabetics are more at risk for heart disease. According to Diabetes Australia, persons with diabetes are up to four times more likely to have heart attacks and strokes.

Periodic Health Assessments

Heart disease and other heart health concerns can be detected through regular health checks. A company’s most important asset is its employees. An employee health check consists of a series of tests that uncover possible risks to your employees’ health and well-being. Periodic Health Assessments also show your workers that you care about their well-being and helps them to stay on top of their own health.

Periodic Health Assessments keep your workforce healthy by:

  • Boosting employee morale.
  • Reducing absenteeism.
  • Caring for an ageing workforce.
  • Detecting signs of mental illnesses.

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