Troubleshooting & FAQ

Updating and refreshing the dashboards:

  • Changes in Cliniko are not reflected on the dashboards, I don’t see any updates!

    • In general, changes might take up to few mins to reflect on the dashboards. Please wait a few mins and then click the refresh button.

      If the problem persists, please contact your admin.
  • My dashboard says “No data can be displayed”!

    • Same as the previous question.
  • The “Risk Rating” panel is not updating.

    • Please refer to this guide for information on updating the risk levels on Cliniko. Please note that only risk levels 1 through 4 will show on the dashboard.
  • I don’t see the logo of the customer company on the dashboard!

    • If you have not notified us of the new customer, please do so ASAP! We will need to configure them on the system!
    • Please note only logged-in customer admin can see the company branding on the dashboard.

Client communication:

  • Do clients need to login to eHealthier or Cliniko to answer the questionnaires?

    • No, clients will be directed to the “login-less” questionnaire completion page.
  • How are clients communicated with then?

    • Clients will receive emails or SMS with the questionnaire(s) assignment and reminders if applicable.
  • Who sends out these communications?

    • eHealthier sends out “branded” messages:
      • Emails: Contains company logo, details, and contacts.
      • SMS: Contains company details and contacts.
  • Can we change the email/SMS template that clients receive?

    • The short answer is yes! However, this requires some system-wide configuration. Please reach out to your admin so they can organise this if it is a priority.
  • You mention email/SMS, which one will be used with each client?

    • If the client has both on file, the default is SMS. Otherwise, the system uses the available method of communication.

Adding new client accounts:

  • I added a new client account on Cliniko, but it is not showing on the dashboard.

    • Please refer to the previous section re dashboard updates.
    • Another possible reason for this problem is missing or mis-match data. Please review the client account and confirm the following data is entered properly:
      • first_name,
      • last_name,
      • sex,
      • email or mobile phone, the phone number format: 0412345678
      • date_of_birth
      • post_code, should be the 4-digit value, and should match with the city and state.
      • company (the custom field at the bottom of the client profile page). Please note the system recognises spelling mistakes in the company name as a different company altogether.
    • A third possibility is a conflict with another existing user. Please note that all users must have unique email and full name combination.
  • I added an appointment but it is not showing on the dashboard.

    • Please refer to the previous section re dashboard updates.
    • Another possible reason for this problem is missing or mis-match data. Please review the appointment details and confirm the following data is entered properly:

Treatment notes & reports

  • I created a new client, but the treatment notes are empty!

    • The treatment notes are automatically created for PHA once the client progresses throughout their journey.
    • The treatment notes are initiated manually by the practitioner for EAP. Refer to this guide for details.
  • Can I change a created treatment note?

    • Changing the treatment notes template is not advised, and might cause the automation to malfunction. If that is required however, please raise a request in the discussion forum.
    • Changing the content of the treatment note (within a set template) is allowed. However, Cliniko has 2 modes:
      • Draft: Changes are allowed to treatment notes saved as draft.
      • Final: Changes are blocked when treatment notes are saved as final.
        All treatment notes created as part of the eHealthier system are initially saved as drafts!
  • I am unsure what is the difference between forms and file attachments.

    • In Cliniko, you can save additional files as attachments to a client record. We are using this space to attach 2 types of files:
      • Questionnaire reports (PDF): These are automatically saved here by eHealthier system.
      • Final assessment reports (PDF): These are reports prepared manually by the practitioners post the physical assessment. These will show on the dashboards in PHA case.
    • Forms, on the other hand, are the soft and structured version of the questionnaire reports for ease of reference and access. Data from these entries can be presented on dashboards if a need arises in future.
  • I uploaded the final assessment report but it is not showing on the dashboards!

    • Please refer to the previous section re dashboard updates.
    • Please note that for final assessment reports to appear on the dashboard, they need to follow specific naming convention, as follows:
      • Pre-Employment Assessment Report – [client title client names].pdf
      • Example: Pre-Employment Assessment Report – Mr John Doe.pdf