Actevate Training - How to Create an EAP Appointment

Ensure you have an EAP client created. Refer to Actevate Training - How to create a client in Cliniko for instructions.


  1. Access the Actevate Cliniko portal.

  2. Select an EAP client:

  • Ensure the fields highlighted in the red rectangle are correct. If needed, you can edit them by clicking “Edit” at the top right corner.

  • Category must be set to “Employee assistance program”.

  • Click “+ Book appt.” at the top right corner to create an EAP appointment for the client.

  1. Create the EAP Appointment:
  • Choose the Business division that supports EAP appointments.
    Select EAP business div

  • Ensure the appointment type selected is under the “Psychology” category and not one of “Critical Incident Debriefing”, “Mental Health Training”, or “Resilience Training”.

    Video Demo

  1. Finalize the Creation:
    Click “Create appointment” to finalise the EAP appointment creation.