Actevate Training - How to create a client in Cliniko


Make sure you have an account for the Actevate Cliniko portal.


  1. Access the Actevate Cliniko portal:
    Visit Actevate Cliniko portal, and login with the account mentioned above.

  2. Go to the client page:

  • Open the “Clients” menu on the left-hand side.
  • Click the “+ Add client” button at the top right corner to initiate client creation.
  1. Add a new client
  • Essential Information:

    • Fill in the required fields including names, “Date of birth,” and “Sex” for integration.
      Screen Shot 2023-08-18 at 2.14.52 pm
  • Contact information:

    • Provide at least one of mobile number or email. Please note this value must be globally unique for the automation to function properly.
    • Enter City, State, and Post code consistently. Please note we use information here to present data on dashboards. Any mis-match might cause missing information on the dashboard.
  • EAP Client Category and Company information.

  • PHA Client Category and Company information.
    Create client - 3 (PHA)

  • Optional Fields:
    Additional fields can be filled as needed.
    Video Demo (PHA)
    Video Demo (EAP)

  1. Save the Client:
    Click the “Save client” button at the end to complete the client creation process.